Set your intentions - 2021 the year for creating healthy habits

It is never too late to create healthy habits. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts about manifesting your best life by creating the life you want vs sitting back and watching others live theirs. It all starts with writing down what is important to you and what changes you want to make. Healthy habits for me consists of a balance of healthy eating, exercise, self-care and spending time with loved ones (family). It does not necessarily need to be in that order, I would even say family comes first. This year we expanded our family and I’m learning how to be a mom. Therefore, this is the year that is even more important to have a little more discipline in order to change our habits. It takes 30 days to change a habit and 60 days to start enjoying it. Change starts with changing your behaviours. An idea to help that change along is to create a new morning routine. Be thankful for everything you have in the morning which will manifest the rest of your day the way you start your day. Some people like to write what they are thankful for in the morning but also just saying them to yourself can work too. It only takes a few minutes every day. I do believe in writing down your goals in your journal and keep them specific as you can. It is always a good idea to set intentions for the year but also to have short term goals that are attainable so you can set challenges and achieve them throughout the year.

My goals I have set for myself this year are:

- Take care of my body; move every day, eat intuitively, relax and enjoy life in the moment.

- Make time for the important things and take social media breaks.

- Use my cookbooks to try new recipes. The reason I want to do this is because since covid hit and we were not going out to restaurants. I wanted to feel like we were still having ‘date nights’ or even just to try new foods.

- Live my best life by planing a few adventures once covid restrictions lift.

- Self care nights with facials, eye masks, yoga and meditation.

Goals can change and be added as time goes on, for now that’s all I have on top of mom duties.

What are some of your goals for creating healthy habits this year?

Until next time…

Chloé xox

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