Road trip Series - Revelstoke

This small town has grown on me over the past few years for its charm and fantastic selection of restaurants. Anyone that knows me, knows that the way to my heart is through my taste buds. I have now been to some of the best restaurants in town (see list below). This last trip through Revy, I went to Woosley Creek Restaurant which was amazing. We had such a great dining experience and this was my first time trying it. My friends that live there I was visiting have not been in several years. It was so nice to see them again and enjoy some great food and wine. The menu has recently changed as their old chef moved back from another local restaurant (so I was told) and we each had something different. One had the steak, one the halibut and I had the vegan option of cauliflower steak. It was delish! We chose a white wine, Sauvigon Blanc which would go well with all our dinners (a bit of body but a nice light summer refresher).

The reason I went for the cauliflower steak was because not only have I done a ton a driving in two days I was excited to see a super healthy option without any dairy. I left on a Wednesday and would not get home until 8 days later the following Wednesday. It’s important when you sit that much in a car to make sure you get exercise and eat healthy. Road trips are so easy to give into fast food and sweet temptations at cafes and dinners out. One of the things I do on my day timer is write out how many stops I make and what I eat. I’ve taken this from Karena and Katrina at Tone It Up, to help keep myself accountable for how much and what I am eating. Since it is not always possible to move my body or drink enough water (which I need to do more of), I track my food intake to stay balanced.

I’m usually in and out of Revelstoke and don’t explore as I’m not a mission to get to the next town. However, last time I was in town I asked the front desk at the hotel where all of the locals go for breakfast/ coffee and I was told the best place in town is Dose. She was right! They not only had lots of options for a sit-down breakfast but lots of to-go options as well. That morning I went for a smoothie bowl. I’m so happy with the fact that they have non-dairy options because with my newly discovered allergy sometimes it can make it difficult in the small towns that I travel to for work. So, these last few times Dose has become my go-to breakfast place with their smoothie bowls and fantastic coffee. It has a bit of a hipster/mountain vibe to it but it feels like local Revelstoke and makes me feel like I local when I go in and ask for my almond milk half sweet vanilla latte.

Here are some of the photos of what you can expect from Dose and Woosley.

If you are heading to Revy make sure to check out Dose as well one of these amazing restaurants.

Some of my favourite restaurants in Revelstoke are:

- Woosley Creek Restaurant

- Quartermaster Eatery

- Kawakubo Japanese Restaurant

- 112 Restaurant and Lounge

- The Coast Hillcrest Resort Hotel Restaurant

Let me know if you get a chance to stop into Revelstoke. I am hopeful this ski season to make the trip up the mountain. I’ve heard the vertical and powder is world class.

Happy traveling.

xo Chloé

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