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Updated: May 31, 2021

Everyone blogs about what to bring in your hospital bag or what hot new must have item you need for your baby but no one talks about all of the things to take care of you... the mom. Inspired by mothers day coming up I thought I would share a few things that I found really helpful and just all around grateful that I have during my recovery and being a new mom in general. First off, as a new mom I have found it so important to discover what your morning routine looks like for you and your baby. Here is how I always start my day.

One of my favourite things of the morning is when my husband brings me my morning coffee. Since I can't always drink it right away, I might be sleeping, nursing, changing a diaper or just have my hands full. I am so thankful that I have my Yeti. I've had other mugs before but nothing seems to keep my coffee hot like the technology of the Yeti. I don't know how but this is a must have for a new mom if you want to enjoy your coffee hot without having to run to the kitchen to reheat it several times over.

Once I am able to put my daughter down for her first nap, I like to wash my face to wake up, use my new Hot Mess ice roller from The Skinny Confidential. Not only does this de-puff your face it and is good for lymphatic drainage, it feels amazing on your face when you are overtire or have a sinus headache. I have been getting a few sinus headaches this spring so it has been super helpful since it is not recommended to take any allergy medication when breastfeeding. The roller can also be used on other parts of your body that are sore and in need of a roll out. I use it on my shoulders and neck.

Next I will put on an eye mask to put some hydration into my under eyes. I like to use the Peter Thomas Roth. I am currently using the Vitamin C ones to brighten my eyes and make me look more alert. I either wear the masks for my early morning nurse or during my daughters nap.

Durning nap time I tend to pull out my yoga mat to get some stretches and a quick workout or meditation in. I have 3 different apps that I use, mainly as you may know if you have been following me for a while I am obsessed with Tone It up (the new program to get ready for summer is about to launch on May 17th, hope you will be there to join in on the live workouts and all the checkin's on instagram), and I purchased a Peloton bike with their app that has a variety of classes and lastly more recently I started the Mimi Method app (I'm still on the 7 day trial but love it so much and have signed up for her subscription to continue on). Putting the time in for yourself to stretch, sweat and relax is so important not only for your body but for your mind as well. There are so many new things happening every day it is hard to keep up and becoming quickly overwhelming, so I find it helpful to give myself the time to relax in a guided meditation. Mimi's voice is so calming and I can't wait to dive into some of her pilates, walking and stretching meditation soon.

Next, if I have time before she wakes up I jump in for a quick body shower and get ready for the our day.

The rest of my favourite things that I have been using are not part of my morning routine but have just been helpful and bring me joy throughout my day. Doing things just because it makes you happy is so important during this covid time. It has been hard not being able to see friends and limited family members.

- Scrunchies to tie your hair up. Nothing is worse then having your hair down and your new baby spitting up into your hair and it getting in her mouth (possible choking hazard) so when I'm holding her my hair is always in a bun. Scrunchies are the best because they don't pull and can be worn for hours. My favourite brand of scrunchie are Dew Edit by KB or Chelsea King. My most recent purchase was from CK bamboo collection, they are so soft and the elastic is the mini is the perfect size for a quick messy bun.

- A new set of matching sports bra and leggings. As your body changes back to its old self it always feels nice and motivating when you are working out in a cute new outfit. Its all at home workout so even if you buy your old size and let your belly hang over a bit, its ok. It took 9 months to put it on remember. Nothing happens overnight but be patient and give yourself the appropriate amount of time for your body. But back to the new outfit, I obviously love Lululemon being from Vancouver, but a few new brand I found online and love are ALo, Tan Lines, and Avocado.

- A good nursing bra is a must. I won 3 different brands and my favourite by far is the Kinx bra. I purchased the postnatal kit with the tank and boy short underwear and as well the regular nursing bra. For a c-section I would highly recommend their high waist underwear as well, they are so smooth and there is nothing worse then having your underwear rub against your new scar. The Knix fabric is so soft and there are no seams as well so it is so comfortable. For the nursing tank and bra there is no underwire, it is leak proof, the snaps are easy to use and don't fall off when you are wearing it, as well the fabric is amazing.

- A good sunless tanning lotion. With a new baby even if they are born in the summer, its not safe for them to be in the sun. Therefore, you will be spending lots of time with them under an umbrella in the shade. I love to always have the perfect sun kissed golden tan, I found using a little bit of sunless tanning lotion does that same trick without the damage of UVA + UVB rays. The brands I have previously tried so far are;

- Saint Tropez lotion and foam lotion (I defiantly prefer the foaming one for that brand.

- Coola face tanning oil. This one works quite well and washes off your face after the day so it does not clog your pores.

- Tan Ceuticals lotion. It is easy to use, doesn't stain your hand and stays on does not rub off easily after a shower all over your towel.

- Bali Body lotion and face water. I like the lotion as it gives you a nice tan that blends with your natural skin tone. The face water works really well, however, it is advised not to use it daily I found it did not come off with my nightly wash.

- The next brand I am eager to try as the reviews are amazing and I like the idea of a gradual tan lotion vs instant tan, I just feel like it could blend a lot nicer. It is Lux Unfiltered. I will keep you posted once I order it this spring.

- A Smash + Tess romper is not just a pregnancy must it is a postnatal as well. It will be the most comfortable thing you own. The bamboo fabric is so soft and stretchy and if you ended up having a c-section like myself you will be so thankful that you can wear something cute without having a waistband over your incision. I even recently purchased the romperalls because who doesn't love a good pair of overalls.

- Matching set of PJ's and Robe. I recently discovered Mason Gray, a small company out of LA. They have the cutest prints and the softest fabric. I purchased a few pieces of their star collection; robe, slip and short set. The robe is something I would highly recommend to bring to the hospital with you but also again on if you end up with a c-section, a slip does not have a waistband and therefore so much more comfortable. Another plus to this brand is their fabric does not pill which I absolutely hate when clothes do that. Also, having a nice robe is so essential in the early mornings or middle of the night just to throw on. In addition to setting yourself up with some comfy PJ's, you can buy a matching set for your little one.

- Fluffy slippers are my favourite thing to have on my feet. I probably wear slippers more then socks in my house because they keep my feet warm but I can kick them off whenever I'm feeling to warm easily. Since postnatal your temperature can fluctuate throughout the day (especially in the first few weeks recovery). Needless to say I have a few pairs; full foot from La Vie En Rose, fluffy slides from Mejuri and sandal slides from APL (TIU limited edition).

These are the main items that I found really helped me through the last few weeks of pregnancy and during my postnatal journey. The brands that I mentioned are ones I actually purchased and have become a favourite. This blog is just my opinion and I like to share some of things I loved. I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews and if you end up getting anything let me know if you enjoyed it too.

Happy Mothers day! ❤️ (Especially all you new momma's out there!)

Until next time xox


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