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Happy New Year! Bring on 2019 Resolutions.

Bienvenue 2019! I can't believe 2018 has come and gone. There have been so many highlights and celebrations this past year that it's so hard to believe it's over. So as I jump into the new year I wanted to document and share my experiences and adventures. I decided to start new year with a personal blog to force me to discover and explore new hikes, restaurants, mountains and cities. So welcome to my blog and hope you stick around to travel and explore with me. You can also find my instagram @northshorechloe where you can follow. There I will post pictures from my adventures and as a part of my second resolution #365daysoffitness through @ToneItUp. 

The holiday's are always a busy time with work being in quarter end as well just being the end of the calendar year everyone is scrambling to get things down, there is always a ton of traffic and impatient people scrambling around to get their own things done. I know Christmas is technically a religious holiday and I don't really consider myself religious but I believe it is the time of year you should spend with the ones you love most, family and friends. A few days off work to recharge and relax always help too. Even with a hectic schedule, it is one of my favourite times of year to celebrate by attending a few holiday events. This year I was only able to get to a few; the Pan Pacific Hotel Kids Toy Drive Christmas Breakfast (a 16 year tradition attending), ice skating, the lights at Lafarge Lake, the Christmas Tree competition at the Fairmont downtown, the gingerbread competition at the Hyatt and snowshoeing Dog Mountain on Christmas morning. 

Some of my other favourite events around the city that I didn't get a chance to go to are: Auroa lights at Concord, Capilano Suspension Bridge lights and up the gondola at Grouse Mountain. 

After Christmas you always end up in a bit of a food coma having too many sweets (dark chocolate is my kryptonite; dark cocoa keeps you awake with caffeine) and turkey (overpowers and makes you sleepy). This happens because of the L-tryptophan in poultry which is an essential amino acid that your body uses to make niacin (B vitamin that is important for digestion, skin, nerves and serotonin (the sleep hormone your brain produces). So after a few days of relaxing I was ready for New Years. It is always a fun time and this year's party had a bit of a theme, The Great Gatsby. I was so excited to roll into the new year with some of my favourite people. The one downside the whole event was the fiasco of getting home and the lack of cabs available. There are two cab companies on the North Shore and I could only get through to one of them. I was on hold for over an hour and a half when it disconnected and we had to walk. It took about 2 hours to get home (arriving at 5:15 am), I was up for almost 24 hours having been up at 6:15 am to go to a spin class 7. But looking on the bright side, I got basically a hike across North Vancouver before the sun was up. This takes me to resolution number 3; look on the bright side. I'm taking it from a book that was given to me years ago, yet I still haven't actually read it, 'Don't sweat the small stuff, because it's all small stuff'. The title says it all so just having it front and centre on my book shelf will help remind me. Also, writing down your goals helps make you stick to them.

What did you do to celebrate the New Year? How many resolutions did you make this year? What are they? If you are looking for a goal to set this year some ideas are: savings (setting a small amount aside, for rainy day, travel, event or purchase you have always wanted). A great book to read for tips and tricks on how to improve your personal finances is, 'Smart Cookies' written by Andrea Baxter, Angela Self, Katie Dunsworth, Robyn Gunn and Sandra Hanna. This was a book given to me in college so I could learn how to save and set up my future. It help me set a budget and get on track to start my life. Those ladies are definitely Girl Bosses! 'Girl Boss' written by Sofia Amoruso is another great book for the new year as an inspirational story, as well I would recommend the 'Wealthy Barber' and the 'Wealthy Barber Returns' by David Chilton. The links are below to where I purchases all of my book at Chapters Indigo.

Lastly, this holiday has been pretty special because I've been able to attend a few World Junior Hockey Game's at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. This weekend is the final so I am looking forward to watching and cheering team Canada on! 

Until next time au revoir, 


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