Easy Summer Meal Ideas

When a heat wave hits at the beginning of summer the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven or even the stove. Here are a few quick meal ideas you can do that require only a few fresh ingredients, everyone in the family will love and only 15-20 min prep time.

Santorini Salad

First for the chicken use a lemon pepper and bbq

Next prep the salad, (mixed greens, tomato, chopped mushrooms, green olives, croutons, cucumbers) for the dressing just use olive oil and Greek seasoning (I also added a sprinkle of nutritional yeast)

Next, spread hummus on your plate, add rice or quinoa (I precooked using half water half coconut milk to give it extra flavour) then just a pinch of smoked paprika on the rice.

Put your salad on top and once cooked add your chicken.

Lastly, squeeze of lemon 🍋

Beef Tacos

Sometimes I like to eat plant based. Tacos are easy to make and delicious for the whole family using beyond meat. I seasoned it with black pepper, red chilli flakes and jalapeños. It is a simple taco spice to whip up but gives it the perfect bit of kick. I used whole wheat flour tortillas and added in lettuce, tomato salsa, cilantro, dairy free mozzarella cheese and avocado. Simple and delicious

Left over taco materials turned into a Taco Salad

Strawberry Taco

This is the perfect lunch time summer taco 🍓. There are only a few ingredients. First spread hummus onto the tortilla, add spinach and strawberries. Then drizzle a creamy balsamic vinegar on top and voila! In the heat no one wants to be cooking so this is a great alternative to making a plant based sandwich. In the summer I love throwing fresh fruit into everything, it makes it feel sweet and delicious 😋

BBQ Chicken skewers with Zoodles

Summer is perfect for BBQing, and chicken skewers are fast, easy and delicious with some veggies on the side. Zoodles are always a fun way to make veggies into noodles. Then I added yellow pepper to give the plate a bit of colour. For the zoodles I quickly sauté in coconut oil and added red pepper chill flakes and spiced bread crumbs for texture. The chicken was marinated in olive oil with a pre-made Greek seasoning.

Watermelon Salad

Watermelon is the ultimate summer fruit, so why not toss it into your salad. As a dressing my favourite is to just use oil and vinegar. So today I used italian balsamic crèma and avocado oil and for the lettuce. Butter lettuce is a good way to mix up your greens to add, as I love how refreshing and flavourful it is. This also pairs well for any wine lovers out there with a crisp chardonnay.

Blackened BBQ Salmon with Pineapple salsa and asparagus

blackened salmon with pineapple pico🍍 and coconut quinoa 🥥

This is going to become a regular dinner this summer. It was so good and refreshing and the right amount of kick with the paprika and jalapeños! 🌶


Burrito's are so easy to make and you can almost put anything in them. I love to make chicken and black bean burrito’s for dinner. It feels like authentic Mexican, especial if you pair it with salsa and guacamole on the side. For any new moms out there, burritos are also perfect to hold with one had and attend to your little one with the other hand.


Is there anything better then a home made bbq burger with sautéd mushrooms and a side salad. The picture says it better than I can 🤤.

Couscous + quinoa salad

This salad is super easy to whip up if you pre-make the couscous and quinoa mix and have it ready in the fridge. Add a can of tuna or salmon to your mix, chop cucumber, celery, tomato (cherry tomato's taste the best), yellow pepper. For the dressing I kept it to a few ingredients, a drizzle of olive oil to make sure nothing was sticking together, then a spoonful of vegan avocado mayo, and german mustard to taste. Then sprinkle black pepper and enjoy.

Sides: guacamole, salsa and pistachio lime hummus

This hummus recipe was one I found in True Roots cook book. I unfortunately at the time I made it did not have lemons so I substituted for lime and added in the zest as well for extra flavour and texture.

Hope you enjoy all of my summer meal ideas to beat the heat and enjoy less time in the kitchen and more time outside in the sun! ☀️

Until next time,



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