Babes who brunch!

One of my favourite meals and Sunday traditions is brunch! It's not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end 😉. It can last for hours and go late into the afternoon. Brunch is unique all on its own since it's Sunday and a day for family and friends to gather, chat and enjoy a nice meal. It originated in England in the late 19th century and became popular in North America in the 1930's. It differs depending on culture and culinary experience.

On a Sunday morning I love the feeling of sleeping in as the sun cracks through the blinds, looking over at my phone with messages blasted at 6:55 am. "Where are you? Spin class starts in 2 minutes!" At this point, it's 9 am and I am contemplating putting my eye mask on and going back to sleep. Then the sound of a 'ping' and a one word message says "brunch?" Only this magic word can pop me out of bed to get ready on a Sunday morning. I put my favourite dress on, a pair of boots (or flats - weather dependent) and head out the door.

Recently, I have tried a few different places in North Vancouver but there are so many more to explore. One that I have been back to many times, and takes my top spot, has been Lift Breakfast Bakery. They have great options both on their regular and specials menu. So far my favourite go-to order is their vegetarian hash with avocado on the side. On their previous summer specials menu, (I had a few times) was the 2 poached eggs on smashed avocado toast. Yum! Sadly this is no longer available but forces me to try new things hence my new favourite that I would recommend is the hash. They have great coffees, pastries (their sticky bun warmed up is to die for) and many other great options. I have not been disappointed yet. My Napkin Review is 5 ⭐️ ! Go check them out and let me know what you tried.

A few weeks back the line up was a bit too long at Lift and I was a bit hangry after a tough spin class. We walked up the street and discovered another great place for a brunch meet up, Table 153. It is a cute little spot that has two levels with lots of tables. Since it's a Sunday and most people have the same idea, make sure to arrive early to avoid a line. The front windows are large so the natural light beams in even on a cloudy day. This makes for a nice Sunday morning atmosphere.

Napkin Review of Table 153:

At our table of 4, we ordered the regular coffee and orange juice. Four meals: 2 x of the crab cake benny's, 1 x TMB Scramble and 1 x double decker pancake.

The service was a bit on the slower side to get coffee top ups but the large container of orange juice was much appreciated. The food was good, however, I found the crab cakes quite dry. I had them put the hollandaise sauce on the side to control how much cream I eat. The pancakes were fluffy with lots of fruit, whipped cream and maple syrup. Unfortunately, the TMB Scramble came out cold and my friend was very unimpressed. As a group the review gets a 3 ⭐️ however, it was a busy day and I would like to give them another try soon. I will keep you all posted on how things go.

The following Sunday the same Sunday brunch group ventured to Tap & Barrel. This brunch date was at noon but on Sunday's we call it brunch no matter what time we meet. It is a very large restaurant so even though they were busy, it was easy to get a table. We started with a round of drinks. I went for a glass of crisp rosé while the others had ceasers, coffee and a local craft beer. To eat I stuck to my favourite go-to with poached eggs on top of avocado toast. I don't normally have potatoes as I'm get quite full from the eggs and toast but that afternoon I went for it. I was pleasantly surprised that they use tater tots as potatoes. Tap & Barrel has a few options for sauces to use on top of eggs or dipping the taters. I always love a little spice so when I can, I ask for sriracha. Tap & Barrel is always a good option for a group brunch because if someone doesn't feel like a 'breakfast' meal they have have something from the 'lunch' option. Overall the service was fairly quick, friendly and food was enjoyed by all. I would recommend a group brunch and give the restaurant a 4.5 ⭐️.

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