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New Flowers

This is how we Sunday!

A day of friends, dog walks and brunch make for a perfect way to Sunday! Today we met up with friends at a new local breakfast spot in Squamish called Fergie’s Café. It is in such a beautiful spot along the river, where after breakfast you can go for a stroll and watch the salmon jump and sore above. Even though we were only an hour outside of the city of Vancouver being in Squamish feels like an escape to nature. With the surrounding mountains everything feels so calm an

The Art of Coffee ☕️

I don’t consider myself a coffee snob by any means even though I do love the hashtag #coffeesnob on instragram when posting about some of my favourite café’s. I do however, know a good cup when I taste it. I enjoy a slightly bold flavour with a creamy smoothness when adding milk (or milk substitute in my case). A hazelnut or vanilla flavour to the roasted bean can sometimes be nice but that usually can only be found in specialty coffees or Hawaiian import beans, like Kauai

Road trip Series - Revelstoke

This small town has grown on me over the past few years for its charm and fantastic selection of restaurants. Anyone that knows me, knows that the way to my heart is through my taste buds. I have now been to some of the best restaurants in town (see list below). This last trip through Revy, I went to Woosley Creek Restaurant which was amazing. We had such a great dining experience and this was my first time trying it. My friends that live there I was visiting have not be


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