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New Flowers

This is how we Sunday!

A day of friends, dog walks and brunch make for a perfect way to Sunday! Today we met up with friends at a new local breakfast spot in Squamish called Fergie’s Café. It is in such a beautiful spot along the river, where after breakfast you can go for a stroll and watch the salmon jump and sore above. Even though we were only an hour outside of the city of Vancouver being in Squamish feels like an escape to nature. With the surrounding mountains everything feels so calm an

Favourite Petit Café's

Coffee culture has grown to so much more then just a cup of coffee. It has turned into finding a quaint place to sit, enjoy a drink, maybe order some food and observe the world around you. Cafes are my top 'thing to do' while traveling or even just around the city of Vancouver. Whenever I get a chance to try and new café, I take it. In many instances, I even try to incorporate my work schedule meetings as either just a quick coffee meeting or over breakfast. A few of my fa


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Plants and Coffees