I decided to start this blog to feature and share my passion for adventure, travel and food.  From growing up in such a multicultural place such as Vancouver as well having an Italian background, I have been exposed to amazing restaurants and home cooking. I didn't start out a chef by any means, it has been a work in progress with many 'experiments' over the years. Now I not only love to eat out to try something new, I've learned my way around the kitchen to try and recreate dishes I am inspired by.  It has been fun learning to cook and through my experiences and now I feel confident to open any cook book to make mouth watering tasty meals.  One of my favourite things to do is try new restaurants and then find a recipe to match and recreate it at home. 

My work and personal travels have expanded my horizon for wine and food.  The best way to experience a new place and culture is through your taste buds. The Napkin Review was born. When I can (or remember a pen) I write my favourite thing about what I ate on my paper napkin. 

Follow along and see which restaurants I find. 

Happy Reading! 

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